Restaurants & Bars

Abell Point Marina North (At the roundabout) 

Visitors don't need to look very hard to find the region's best bars, cafes, bistros and restaurants.

From fast food, alfresco cafes, counter meals or sit-down dining, the town has a large variety of options for visitors to choose from, while the main street boasts a friendly atmosphere during the day which continues through to the evening.

Whether you are wanting a simple snack or a succulent sit-down meal, take a look around at the array of options.

Fish D'Vine Seafood Restaurant

Phone: (07) 4948 0088

Mama Africa Bar & Niteclub

Phone: (07) 4948 0599

Marina Kiosk Cafe and Cellars

Abell Point Marina North (At the roundabout) 

Reef Gateway Hotel

Phone: (07) 4946 2600

Sidewalk Cafe

Phone: (07) 4946 6425

Hogs Breath

Phone: (07) 4946 7894